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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 23, 2013

Tuesday Morning Tottenham Hotspur news and linke featuring Gareth Bale, Jose Callegon, Sepp Blatter, and obviously, North Korea.

Shaun Botterill

Happy Tuesday Spursland! Dear Man United fans, the last i heard the boys in lily white have yet to get their thank you phone call for slaying that demon that was totally breathing down your neck for the title. Stop keeping AVB's boys waiting, that isn't what classy people do when you get something gift wrapped. NO I do not think i am overstating our involvement in the title race.

And now the "news"

Bale Admits He Would Love PFA Honor-Sky Sports

And I was just sure he would hate winning it.

Huddlestone Admits Spurs Frustration-The Guardian

During the last of my sporadic appearances on Wheeler Dealer Radio I made the comment that I would like to sell big Tom, loan Tom Carroll, and I think I said keep Sandro . Now if you watched Tom play last Sunday you probably think I feel like a right horse's ass. There is no way I could possibly still think selling THud is a good idea, right? Of course there is dummy, I'm rather hard headed and it will take more than one bright performance for me to change my mind. But Tom thanks for raising your value for your summer transfer to the mid table.

Real Set To Offer Spurs Callejon Plus Cash For Bale-Mirror

What say you Football Manager nerds? Do you give this deal thumbs up or thumbs down? Oh, and keep in mind that despite what you might see in the movies the Roman emperor giving the thumbs up was sentencing the gladiator to death and the reverse for thumbs down. Look at you, learning news things.

Stop Booing Benayoun-We Ain't Got No Hisotry

Yeah stop booing him please, it's weird. Also if you venture into the comments, don't feed the trolls unless you are have previously proven to be great at it, for example.

Suarez: "No Easy Solution To North Korea"-Liverpool Offside

PS: Suarez was charged with violent conduct and is expected to be suspended longer than three games. Also the Director up in Liverpool made it pretty clear that Suarez is not going to be sold.

FIFA And Sepp Blatter Got Hacked, It Was Awesome-SB Nation Soccer

Now this was all funny and in most cases possibly accurate, but I am a bit curious as to the reason for the murderer accusation.

United Secure 20th Title-The Busby Babe

You're welcome.