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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 24, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Wednesday April 24. We've got rumors about Bale going to Madrid, more on the Gotze transfer, and some Manchester United Mythbusting.

Shaun Botterill

Happy Wednesday Spursland! So no more midweek matches for a while gang. And I am surprised to find that without them I find my evenings decidedly bare of anything interesting. I can't be alone in this so lets crowd source this, how are we going to fill our mid week nights if we aren't just bouncing off the walls in excitement for the next day. And none of you hipsters better suggest needlepoint for whatever is popular in Williamsburg this week.

And now the "news"

What The EPL Also-Rans Need To Beat United-The Guardian

Can Tottenham beat United next season? I find the answer this writer gives to be truthful.

Madrid Cap Bale Offer At £45 Million, New Player Plus Cash Rumblings-Mirror

Cash plus Higuain? I might be ok with that provided that the cash is numbered over 20 million.

Manchester United Mythbusting-SB Nation Soccer

According to this Man U sounds like they suck. It also has the added misfortune of not having a quiet mysterious mustachioed guy in a beret.

Gotze Seals Bayern Switch-SB Nation Soccer

This was talked about a lot yesterday but I thought I'd bring it up again so that we can discuss it without the emotion of yesterdays panic about our new Bavarian overlords.

Bayern Vs Barca In Tweets GIFs And Videos-SB Nation Soccer

Look the Allies tried to cripple Germany permanently after World War I. The Soviets tried even harder to do so after World War II. And now in this day and age when the actual WORLD wars (the ones that natter anyway) are fought on the pitch, ze Germans once again prove that they will be the scourge of Europe.

Openly Gay Kicker Taking A Shot At Making The NFL-Out Sports

Excuse me while I limber up. Don't want to pull a muscle dodging all the inevitable homophobic comments this news is going to receive. Not here but certainly outside our glorious little hidey hole of the internet.