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Thursday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for April 25, 2013

Daily Tottenham Hotspur links, today on the Bale transfer saga, Aaron Lennon's fitness, Luis Suarez and some other nonsense

Shaun Botterill

Happy Thursday Spursland! "News" broke yesterday that in addition to Gotze, Bayern have "signed Lewandowski". I mean, really? Does any other team in Europe have a chance at this point? So I got to wondering, is there any team in Europe you could take over along with a £100 million war chest and make into a better team than Bayern will have next season? And if you want to get really crazy, exclude City, Madrid, and Barca from your choices.

And now the "news"

Spurs Must Not Lose Bale Says Walsh-Sky Sports

Thanks for the heads up? Did you think we weren't aware of that? Because I personally did not know that, you have changed my entire outlook on the Bale situation. I am a grouchy dude today, so look out world.

Lennon Should Be Back For Wigan-The Guardian

Oh baby can you feel it, our momentum building like an unstoppable wave. Even if he is just able to come on as a substitute and AVB is all like release the kraken on Wigan it is a huge boost.

The FA's Incompetence Does Not Exonerate Suarez-SB Nation Soccer

Maybe I missed it today but is there anywhere other than maybe RAWK where people are suggesting that it should exonerate Suarez? And even if there is, the rest of us know that's a pile of dumbness so let us move on from this dismal saga and focus on finding ways to avoid being smashed by the new Emperors of the world over in Germany.

Disaster: Antolin Alcaraz Out Three Weeks-Pie Eaters Footie

Remember what I said about the momentum and the big wave? Big waves run over people in their way.

Trick Shots Anyone?-SB Nation

This takes a big steaming dump on that pong video you and your buddies uploaded to College Humor back in sophomore year.

The Derrick Rose Drama Has Reached It's Tipping Point-SB Nation

Presented without comment other than my firm belief that the NBA is a fixed league. I will instead allow BIll Burr to speak for me. (VERY NSFW Audio)