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Monday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for April 29, 2013

Daily Tottenham Hotspur links, today on Chelsea, Ade, narratives and face-punching.

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Richard Heathcote

Happy Monday Spursland! What a game that was this weekend. It had everything we could possibly ask for. It had lackadaisical play made worse by a complete lack of movement off the ball. It had injuries to key players. And back passes, boy did it! It was the definition of how you would try to lose a game if your team is the shockingly more talented side. It was by the grace of a Gareth Bale Ninja kicking hustle play and an own goal that we made it through.

And now the "news"

Chelsea Looms Large For AVB-Telegraph

I will be stocking up on antacids for this fixture. Antacids and Xanax.

Nope! Ade Refuses To Be Forced Out of 100k At Spurs-Mirror

Clinging to his last ever shot at making the biggest of big time football money like a toddler that has constricted themselves around your shins even as you continue to soldier on across the living room. How does one handle this situation if you are Dan Levy? "Ade you need to unwrap yourself from Uncle Danny's legs, you are being disrespectful. Also you aren't a good player anymore, now pack your stuff so I can sell you off to Turkey."

Champions League Enjoyment Lies in The Story Lines-SB Nation Soccer


Zanetti Injures Achilles Tendon-SB Nation Soccer


NBA Playoffs Update-SB Nation

Shockingly the Heat sweep. I would guess it's not shocking they have good players according to Sportscenter. Look guys I'm trying with the basketball I really am.

The Pros React To Jones Vs Sonnen-MMA Fighting

It is fun that pro fighters progressed from the end of that fight the same way everyone else did. First, early stoppage. Second, well it was always gonna happen. Third, HOLY GOD LOOK AT HIS TOE. Nothing beats Joe Rogan's reaction, except maybe Jones' ultra cool "whatevs bro" reaction.

PS: Congrats to Gareth on the Double victory for Player of The year. For those who don't know the worst kept secret around the Cartilage Free Captain floor of the SB Nation building is that Gareth is a long time lurker in the comments. Way to go buddy.