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Thursday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for April 4, 2013

Daily Tottenham Hotspur links, today on Gareth Bale, David Beckham, fascism and the NCAA.

Paul Gilham

Happy Spursday Spursland! Today we take on a bitter herb that is a mainstay in Italian cooking. That, by the way, should easily be the best food wordplay you will see today from anyone in the media. Everyone else will be talking about Bale and Swiss cheese. As usual SB Nation rules and everyone else sucks.

And now the "news"

Transfer Rumors: Madrid To Make 37 Million Bid For Bale-The Guardian

If this were true it sends a horrible message to the youth of Madrid about environmentalism. Why would you take the time to cut down a tree, dice it to pulp, do the other papery things to it to make it printer ready, then fax that paperwork over to Dan Levy. You know he isn't going to read more than a line before he lights it on fire then sends you a Snapchat of it.

Bale To Play Striker Against The Swiss-Mirror

And literally every paper or news outlet covering this has made a bad Swiss cheese joke. Nobody saw that coming...except for everybody.

David Beckham Isn't A Sideshow-SB Nation Soccer

If it wasn't clear when he was playing in MLS is certainly is clear now, when he was in the US he wasn't even trying. He was on a paid vacation basically playing the most organized pick up ball of his life. (Editor's note: This is false and I totally dispelled this in the article. It's like ... about why this isn't true. It's almost the entire point.) And you know what, I like this. When he was with the Galaxy I hated Becks. I mean I hated him. But as a rapidly aging and due to injury thoroughly past it person (I got D'd up playing hoops by a 110 pound 5-6 freshmen last week playing hoops) it makes me feel like there is some hope left for a crafty veteran to still give it a go. Granted I will be playing pick up in door soccer with my teenage students or floor hockey with my small cousins but now I have some hope left that I won't be a complete embarrassment in anything athletic and be forced to take up golf.

Paulo Di Canio Should Explain His Past Political Statements-SB Nation Soccer

OK this is an amazingly well thought out article that focuses on the historic definitions of certain political brand names. it contains some very important points and details that should be kept in mInd when discussing these issues Di Canio is having so that you don't sound like an ignorant child. God ahead and read it then come back, i have something else to say to you.

OK you read it? Good. Paulo Di Canio doesn't have to explain his pervious statements. I don't think political beliefs of any kind have a place in sports. As long as he is professional with his players and does his job well I don't care what a person's world view is. I am not offended by the idea that someone might have a strikingly differing opinion than I do, and so long as it does not affect his job performance then I don't need to hear about it. If you disagree that's your business too, totally understandable to feel that way. But let's all be cool.

It Is Time For A New Foundation At Barcelona-SB Nation Soccer

But Messi? (Editor's note - Doesn't play defense, you could read the article? You read the one about fascism but didn't actually read this one or the one about Beckham?)

Mike Rice And The Bigger Problem-SB Nation

Read this if you ever played sports in college. Read this if your child plays sports in college. Read this if you are considering playing sports in college. In my personal experience this reflects everything it is like to be in a college program. Down to hating your coach who mistreats you but also being willing to knock out anybody who shit talks him to your face.

Aubrun Accused Of Massive Amount Of NCAA Violations By Former Player-SB Nation

See next article up.