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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 5, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with reflections on yesterday's nightmare.

Paul Gilham

Happy Friday, Spursland! Okay, hello, how are you? Are you awake yet? Only sort of? Okay, I need to explain something to you. It wasn't a dream, that did happen yesterday. Don't freak out because it might still be cool. I mean, sure, we have basically one striker and no wingers but, you have got to have faith.

And now the "news"

Injury Round Up With Super Positive Spin- Sky Sports

How do you stay hopeful about an injury when the phrase "foot was at a right angle to the leg" can be used to describe the injury? Hopefully Lennon is back soon because without our speed on the wings we are pretty screwed.

Harry Rules Out Ever Managing England, Discusses Spurs Sacking- The Guardian

This is just depressing. It was never a secret that Harry dreamed of managing England, and he has completely given up on it now. It is also interesting to hear that Spurs owner Joe Lewis was the one to fire Redknapp and not Levy. Lewis isn't exactly the most hands on owner in the world, so I would have to assume that this is not the entire story, but whatever it is should be interesting.

But Seriously Gareth Bale's Ankle Is Either Amazing Or Broken- 101 Great Goals


Eight Games To Europe: Can Everton Do It- Royal Blue Mersey

Well I'd say that stretch just got a bit easier, didn't it? Time to step it up literally everyone else on the team

Arsenal's Run In: A Closer Look- The Short Fuse.

Oh, this is so depressing looking at all this after both our wingers go off injured. I was already panicking when Gallas went off. No, I don't know why. Good sense would seem to indicate that a part of me should be just happy he is out of the game and can't screw anything else up, but I panicked. Luckily I was out of the room when Bale went down. Otherwise I am sure my living room would have been coated in a thick veneer of panic vomit.

The Next Step For Mankind- SB Nation

Hey, everyone, look it's Wrestlemania week and it took me this long to shoehorn pro wrestling in.

Carmen Sandiego's Africa Map- SB Nation

There is a point where the best child athletes and the best child nerds come together to decide who reigns supreme; this is where they do it.