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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 9, 2013

Your Tottenham Hotspur news and link come Margaret Thatcher-free.

Clive Rose

Happy Tuesda,y Spursland! Margaret Thatcher has passed on to the next (insert appropriate terms for afterlife or lack there of based on your personal beliefs here) and I know everyone was itching to talk about it yesterday when it leaked, but let;s not do that, shall we? It is going to get partisan and negative and let;s just not. Let us come together to appreciate something Maggie gave us that we all can get behind.

nd now the "news"

Kaboul Makes His Return- Sky Sports

Also returning, the EPL's longest forehead. Just look at that thing -- you could show movies on it.

QPR's Relegation Battle Could Expose Remy To Premier League Vultures- The Guardian

Paging Daniel Levy, paging Daniel Levy. Please call your office.

Manchester City Are Noisy Neighbors Once More- SB Nation Soccer

Okay, so they aren't really in the title picture anymore/this season, but they are still annoying.

Wrestlemania Reactions Post Show- Cagesideseats

Here is what you need to know: there were three types of matches.

  1. Good ones, like The Shield Vs Orton, Sheamus, and Big Show.
  2. Piles of shit, like Cena and The Rock .
  3. One for the ages, like Undertaker and CM Punk.

Drogba Scores An Accidental Lob-S B Nation

How much of a horse's ass does that keeper feel like?

Mirko Vucnic Celebrates With His Pants- SB Nation Soccer

Or as I call it, the reverse Chastain.