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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham hotspur News And Links May 15, 2013

A slightly morose version of our morning links post in which we discuss why the world is ending and how we have no hopes of finishing in the top four.

Julian Finney

Happ...oh screw it. Why am I even trying? It's Wednesday, Spursland. I present you with the soundtrack of your mood.

And now the depression

Dempsey Is Satisfied With First Season At Tottenham-Sky Sports

Well, at least somebody is satisfied.

Sours Have Only 15% Chance Of Top Four Finish-Forbes

That's right, Forbes, which is really great because one of the few people who can understand our current state of depression is Steve Forbes whenever he looks back at his presidential runs.

City Were Right To Sack Mancini-SB Nation Soccer

How great is it going to be to watch the Chelsea meltdown when Man City hires Mourinho? I predict that they will be paying him with the kingship of one new central Asian nation each season. They have the money and soon enough the great nation of Sogdiana lives again.

Eden Hazard Out For Europa League Final-We Ain't Got No History

Oh man, what are they going to do with just Mata and Oscar in their attacking midfield positions? Oh the drama of it all.

Landon Donovan To Miss USMNT World Cup Qualifiers-Stars And Stripes FC

Cancels long standing plane reservations to Brazil.

Neymar Has Already Signed With Bayern, I Am Not Speculating Says Former Santos VP-Bavarian Football Works

Bayern are really not letting up on Barcelona, they may not know that the second leg has ended and are just continuing to pound them into dust.