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Wheeler Dealer Radio, Episode 70: Putting A Bow On The Season

Our final show of the 2012-2013 season looks back on the year that was for Tottenham Hotspur and looks ahead at what is to come.

Jan Kruger

This podcast is SUPER SIZED. First, it's longer than usual as we spent a good deal of time reviewing the season and previewing the upcoming transfer window, but also because we've got two additional people on this week's show. Joining Bryan, Brian, and Ed is sometimes writer Nick Petrilli and moderator Uncle Menno.

The idea of a five person podcast sounded clunky in theory, but in practice we made it work. It's probably not the cleanest sounding podcast we've ever done (and I apologize to the audiophiles among you for that), but we wanted to get as many different perspectives as possible. Only a few uncertain circumstances prevented us from having a seven or even eight person show.

Anyway, in this episode the guys discuss the final game of Tottenham Hotspur's season, the disappointment of finishing out of the top four, and what Spurs need to do in the offseason. In addition, we hand out some post season awards.

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