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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Totetnham Hotspur News And Links May 20, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news about Andre Villas-Boas, summer spending, Harry Redknapp, Neymar, and a little MMA.

Jan Kruger

Happy Monday, Spursland! So the season has breathed it's last. And what are we left with? The memories of our triumphs and our falls. We are really very much right where we were at the start of the season. in the Europa League, and nothing more. Now if you consult all of our season outlooks most predicted this finish as a good one for the team, and it is. Compared to the other teams in the league this is a good finish for us. But it doesn't feel like it does it? two years and a row it felt like a sure thing 3rd, or at the very least 4th and a Champion's League return. but none of that matters. Because in the end this season was fun, it was breathtaking and we get to do it all over again next fall. Together forever, united in Tottenham, Brothers in Arms.

And now the "news"

Redknapp Urges Spurs To Change Style And Break The Bank On Bale-Sky Sports

Before you start pulling your hair out, it was the other less be-jowel'd Redknapp who said it. And he does make a solid point. But dude, could you give us a day before leading us down the memory lane lined with razor wire. Team best showing in the EPL ever and still in 5th, we are a bit raw on the emotional front dude, we don't need you not waiting to publish what is clearly a third day story. Just take it easy don't cover every angle of this in the first week you have to fill an entire summer with coverage. What do you cover in the July doldrums now?

AVB Urges Board To Invest This Summer-The Guardian

insert Record skipping sound effect here. I , as well as the rest of us were under the impression that AVB already had the funds to spend this summer. We were under that impression because of that time when AVB said that. But all along it was just a rouse, and it turns out we have reason to panic. But it's OK though, even if we lose Bale we won't notice him gone as the Tom Carroll hype train is already on Bale's level. His playing ability is probably a good 1, 2 weeks away from being on Bale's level.

Neymar To Barca?-Barca Blaugranes

So take THAT Bayern!

Why 4th Place Matters-The Short Fuse

This isn't me trolling you guys by posting this. Tim Tebow exists for that. This is however me rubbing salt into both your and my open wounds. Why? Because this feeling of pain is why we are Spurs fans. On some very damaged and broken level we like this feeling. It's how we know we are better than Piers Morgan and fans like him who do nothing but trash their own players and call them a disgrace until the moment the team puts on in the net and then be positive for 15 minutes before going back to complaining. We like this pain, it makes the pleasure of winning that much better. Why do you think we are so much more of a fun bunch of people compared to the guys over on that other blog (the one that likes John Terry).

Orb Does Not Win The 138th Annual "Will Anyone Care About The Belmont" Stakes-SB Nation

NBC will now do an entire day of live coverage of a race that 4 people in the infield who are only there because a wrong turn on an acid trip will watch.

Basketball And Chaos In Europe-SB Nation

Alternative title: There Will Be Flares. Was this linked last week during my two day sojourn? I don't care this is an awesome piece.

DEATH KICK- Bloody Elbow

Fo serious, delerious.