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Tottenham to offer Gareth Bale gigantic new contract, per report

Gareth Bale is going to make it rain, maybe.

Jan Kruger

Daniel Levy is going to open up the checkbook and let Gareth Bale go for a swim in it, if a report from the Independent is true. The club will reportedly offer Bale a new contract that will pay him £150,000 per week, and possibly more.

Regardless of whether Bale signs this new contract, the club will apparently refuse to sell Bale this summer. But if Bale doesn't sign, Spurs will look to sell the Welshman next summer, with the expectation that they could get £50 million or more for him.

After winning pretty much every award known to man (a Nobel may be up next with a Pulitzer to follow), it is only fair that Bale be paid significantly more than he is. While the £100,000 per week he is currently getting already stretches Tottenham's wage scale, the best players in the league are getting paid £200,000 and more. If Spurs want to keep Bale, they need to pay him what the market says he is worth, wage scale be damned. If not, sell him.

Whether this report is true or not, it's safe to assume that Bale isn't going to stick around for more than another year without a new contract that pays him significantly more than he is earning now so open up that checkbook, Dan, and let Bale swim.