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Tuesday morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for May 21, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes for a Balerific day.

Jan Kruger

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! And the Bale drama is solved. He gets paid more money and stays another year AND we get a set release clause so we know exactly where the club stands. No more drama or worry like last year. It also shows the top guys around the world that we are finally going to start paying them the ultra salaries everyone else can (lets just pretend this doesn't ruin our sustainable wage structure). All Bale has to do is sign it, then continue his summer of wearing terrible sunglasses and t-shirts.

And now the "news"

Rose Could Stay- Sky Sports

Potential replacement for the man who hasn't been LOLing like he used to, perhaps?

Spurs Must Keep Bale, Says AVB- BBC

He doesn't miss a trick this guy.

Mourinho Leaving Madrid At The End Of The Season- SB Nation Soccer

In a shocking move anticipated by none, Real Madrid have announced that that manager considered one of the best ever despite not being able to beat Barca with a team that includes Ronald, Ozil, and Modric, will not return. I personally am blindsided by this news as not one single one of my extensive ITK network mentioned this as a possibility. And if you believe that, you are an idiot.

Chelsea "Fools" To Loan Lukaku Again, Says Foster- We Ain't Got No History

This is very true. Try loaning out that guy who scored one league goal after being bought for £50 million. Keep the guy that hangs three on Man U.

Tornadoes Erase Oklahoma Town, You Can Help- Welcome To Loud City

Please direct your thought, prayers and/or good vibes towards the center of the country. And if you can, avoid the details from the elementary school.