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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links May 22, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and links about Moutinho, football fans, a new MLS team, and why Real Madrid is bad.

Jan Kruger

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! When will it happen? When will it happen? When will it happen? That is what goes through my mind all day everyday now. When will the flood gates open and we see the stream of deadwood flow out of town and the Dan Levy hand delivered sacks of gold for certain Brazilians whose names I currently refuse to say out loud start being delivered? I am, and maybe you are to, currently a pile of skin, fat, and emotions right now just waiting for it to happen. We need this to start because this summer, more than many in recent years is critical. We have our guy (AVB) that we are going to go with. Lets get him the guys he needs, no more buy low sell high kept the ship afloat. I am nervous, I am excited, I am very very afraid. I am a Spurs fan.

And now the "news"

Moutinho Happy To Stay-Sky Sports

I present to you the soundtrack over your probably feelings towards this.

How Do Your Teams Fans Rank Against BPL, SPL And Europe's Teams-BBC

I'd really like to think that the BBC is kind of one of the gold standards for journalism and analysis. I said as much to a student not 2 hours before writing that last sentence. So I am left wondering how nobody involved in writing, approving, or posting this article asked the question "Is measuring how strong fan support is based on attendance not exactly the best metric to use since there is a gross discrepancy between stadium sizes"? Are Arsenals fans better than Barnett's because Barnett averages just over 1000 fans a match? It's ridiculous, this belongs on Bleacher Report (Who I believe is an SB Nation partner an boy are they great:) ) not the BBC.

NYCFC Is Everything MLS Has Ever Wanted-SB Nation Soccer

(NYC people stop reading unless you were waiting for a reason to hate me) And that is how you know it sucks. because MLS has wanted this forever. I don't know a single MLS fan that think MLS makes good decisions the majority of the time. In fact I don't think I have ever heard or read someone praising the league for one of it's major decisions. And this just sucks so bad for everyone outside New York. another team in a market that can't support it's own team as well as they should (not criticizing the fans that do support, I am mostly calling the rest of the metro area horrible). And further more the name itself just sucks, "NYCFC"? That is a five syllable nick name. And owned by the Man city people, few things have been more lame from the start than this. I cannot wait for these guys to sign Shaun Wright-Phillips and then act like it's a big deal.

Real Madrid Did Not Deserve Jose Mourinho-SB Nation Soccer

Hmm I feel like after that attack on new York i have to say something bad about Real Madrid just to keep it consistent. So let me just say, that if I had been in charge of Real Madrid would not have been my first choice of name.

Liverpool And West Ham Agree On Carroll Fee-Liverpool Offside

15 million? At what point are people going to stop overpaying for this pony tailed hype balloon. in his lat 68 games he has 13 goals. I feel sorry for other teams that don't have Dan Levy doing their deals for them.

Kevin Durant Donates 1 Million To OK Tornado Relief-SB Nation

I absolutely hate saying this because at this point it really is played out, but that's a top lad right there.