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Cartilage Free Captain: Goal of The Season

After handing out our player and young player of the season awards it's time to move on to the bigger and more important awards, like Goal of the Season.

Julian Finney

Tottenham Hotspur scored plenty of goals this season. 88 goals were scored by Tottenham Hotspur players in all competitions (there were also 5 own goals). Gareth Bale led the scoring charts with 26. He was followed by Jermain Defoe (15), Clint Dempsey (12), Emmanuel Adebayor (8), and Gylfi Sigurdsson (7). Fourteen different players managed to tally at least one goal for the club, though Scott Parker is still goalless in his career at Spurs.

When choosing a goal of the season one often has to make a decision. Is the best goal the one that is simply most impressive, has the best technique, and absolutely takes you breath away; or is the best goal the one that came at the most vital time and meant the most.

A number of Gareth Bale goals fall in the former category. Absolute rockets of shots that find themselves in the top corner and make everyone stand up and cheer. In the later category are goals like Gylfi Sigurdsson's goal against Chelsea or Clint Dempsey's goals against Manchester United. Neither were spectacular, but they were vital and important goals nonetheless.

Personally, I go for goals that have the best technique. Any Gareth Bale goal will do. The one he scored against Sunderland last week was a typical Bale goal, but was also an amazing piece of skill. Also, his free kick goals against Lyon in the Europa League were particularly impressive.

Voting for this one is going to work a little differently. Since it would take forever to list all the goals we scored I'm just going to have you say which is your nominee for goal of the season. Other people can "vote" for that goal by Rec'ing your post. Sound simple enough? Good. Go forth and rec.