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Cartilage Free Captain Awards: Moment of the Season

Awards week continues with an award that seems similar to the one from yesterday, but is actually totally different.

Shaun Botterill

This is the last serious award for the season and it's the one that I think is the most contentious. Moment of the season could be almost anything. It could be a goal, it could be a news item, it could be just about anything. I think there are some clear contenders for this award, that I will list below.

To me, the moment of the season boils down to three choices. The first is July 3, 2012. Andre Villas-Boas was announced as the new manager of Tottenham Hotspur on that day. Given the names that had been floated Villas-Boas seemed to be the best choice, though there were plenty of reservations following his time at Chelsea. In the end, the hire proved to be an inspired one as AVB quickly won over the fans and the players. This hire was certainly season defining.

The second season defining moment might have been one of the biggest surprises. On transfer deadline day, Tottenham wrapped up the signing of French international goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. While it would take time to integrate Lloris into the squad, he would eventually become an integral member of the Spurs defense, enabling AVB to play the style of football he was accustomed to. The transfer itself though was a surprising coup. Very few saw the deal coming and the price itself was surprisingly low.

The final moment that defined this season for me, was the victory at Old Trafford. The celebrations by the players and coaches showed everyone just where the team was at. It was an incredible win even without the fact that Spurs hadn't won there in 23 years. The victory didn't exactly serve as a springboard for an amazing run, but it certainly was an indicator of how the season would go.

As with yesterday's goal of the season post, I'll leave it to you, the readers, to provide the nominees and then rec the ones that you think are most deserving of an award. So, commentariat, who