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Cartilage Free Captain Awards: Best Hair

The wait is finally over. It is now time to crown the best head of hair on Tottenham Hotspur.

Michael Regan

Let's be honest for a minute. You guys only tolerated all the other awards. Player of the season meant nothing to you. Ditto for goal of the season. The award you've all been waiting all week for is this one. The one where we finally settle, once and for all, who has the best hair at the club.

I'm not even going to pretend to give you standards by which to judge this award. All I will say is that, if you nominate Kyle Walker then you are dead to me. There are a ton of guys on the team that are qualified for this award. I'm going to list the nominees and at the end you get your chance to vote.

Let's start with last year's winner Scott Parker. He may have had a sub-par season on the pitch, but everyone's favorite RAF Captain still has an amazing head of hair. He's certainly a favorite for the award.

Perhaps the strongest challenges to Parker's throne come from two new signings: Hugo Lloris and Jan Vertonghen. Both players bring their rugged good looks and amazing locks to the club from overseas and they quickly set the pitch alight with their stellar play and stunning looks.

Certainly there are some other players in the team with good hair. Michael Dawson's hair is pretty good. Gareth Bale has developed his hairstyle over the years, but he's still pretty bro. The only other person that deserves a mention for this award is manager Andre Villas-Boas. Maybe it's because of his magnificent ginger beard, but the Portuguese manager seems incredibly suave.

So, who gets your vote for best hair?