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David Bentley could finally be on his way out of Tottenham Hotspur

Well, this would certainly be nice, wouldn't it?

Jan Kruger

David Bentley seems like a nice enough dude. He has cool hair. He has one really nice skill, it is a similar skill to the skill that David Beckham has, and he was a young up-and-coming player when Beckham started to decline. This caused him to be overrated, through no fault of his own. I say all of this because I don't really like trashing players who aren't jerks, so I don't really want to trash David Bentley.

Now that we have that out of the way: David Bentley is one of the worst signings in Tottenham Hotspur history and, due to his high price, almost certainly the worst signing the club has made in the Premier League era. They're still paying him a lot of money to not do anything, and he spent the season on loan at FC Rostov in Russia and Blackburn Rovers in the Championship.

Thankfully, he did enough with those loan spells to generate some interest. According to Sky Sports, Spurs have a good chance of moving Bentley this summer. The key line in the article is as follows.

The likes of West Brom, West Ham and Wigan are all believed to be admirers of Bentley, and are keen on signing him if he does leave Tottenham.

I don't think Bentley is good enough for West Brom or West Ham, but he did go on loan to West Ham in the Championship a couple years ago before picking up a bad injury. He's a very Allardycey player. Wigan will probably go through some kind of a stylistic change in the wake of Roberto Martinez's departure, and there will probably be Premier League suitors for Callum McManaman and Shaun Maloney. He'd probably find a decent home on the right wing there, with whatever retread manager Dave Whelan digs up.

In any event, I hope that the interest by these teams is genuine and that Bentley is willing to take a pay cut to leave Tottenham behind him and just get some playing time somewhere. Here's to hoping he can go revive his career.

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