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Throw Jackson Martinez onto the 'list of strikers Andre Villas-Boas is targeting'


Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Earlier today, I posted about strikers we're linked to that I don't want. Today, we've been linked to a guy that I absolutely do want. Thanks, Independent, for getting my hopes up. They say that FC Porto and Colombia ace Jackson Martinez is the newest guy on the list of 'strikers Andre Villas-Boas is interested in signing'.

I've been high on Martinez since he joined Jaguares de Chiapas (who have ceased to exist, pour one out) back in 2010. He struggled through some injury problems early in his Liga MX career, but was great in the 2011 Copa Libertadores, the 2011 Apertura and the 2012 Clausura for Jaguares before signing with Porto.

Our readers who aren't Liga MX nerds probably know Martinez from his exploits with Porto this season, where he scored 25 goals in 26 league games and 33 goals across 38 games in all competitions. His form with Porto has led to him getting more playing time up top for Colombia, and he has eight goals in 18 caps for Los Cafeteros.

Martinez has yet to play in a league as physical and with as many big central defenders as the Premier League, but his scoring record and physical attributes suggest that he can play anywhere. He's 6'1" and fairly well-built with good pace and jumping ability. He's just as good at scoring with his head as he is in the air and is excellent at holding up the ball with his back to goal.

But, of course, there's the problem of his 'valuation':

They value Martinez at an eye-watering £33.4m but that hasn't put Villas-Boas off from putting his name on his wish-list.

Porto certainly don't have to sell, especially after making a ridiculous amount of money on the sales of Joao Moutinho and James Rodriguez. If, for some reason, their fortunes turn around and they're hurting for money, they're sitting on a gold mine with fullbacks Alex Sandro and Danilo.

I'm not sold on Martinez being a realistic target, but if Porto want to cash in for a number lower than that rumored asking price, I'd be thrilled to have him.

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