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Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal linked to France U-21 star right back

Sebastien Corchia may leave Sochaux this summer and all signs are pointing to a North London destination. He might not make much sense for Spurs, but he seems ideal for Arsenal.

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Harold Cunningham

If there's one position that Tottenham Hotspur don't need a young prospect at, it is definitely right back, but that isn't going to stop the media from linking FC Sochaux Montbeliard fullback Sebastien Corchia with a move to Tottenham. Sochaux barely avoided being relegated this season, thanks in some part to the French U-21 international's contributions on both the offensive and defensive ends of the pitch.

Corchia scored a goal and is officially credited with two assists, which is probably a bit low considering the quality of his crossing. Defensively, Corchia averaged just under three tackles and three interceptions per game. The main weakness in Corchia's game is that his small size results in him getting pushed around a bit. He's not much of a factor in aerial duels. However, he makes up for his lack of size with a good ability to read the game.

Putting aside that Spurs don't really need a right back, what with Kyle Walker playing so well and young Adam Smith ready to serve as his backup, the fact that Arsenal are also pursuing the youngster might complicate matters. The price tag being thrown around is about £5 million. Corchia seems like an ideal signing for Arsenal. He's French and with Bakary Sagna on the way out Corchia could slot in almost immediately. He's an interesting young player, but he's certainly not a player Tottenham Hotspur need.

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