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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links May 3, 2013

Gareth Bale isn't going anywhere, but Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas would welcome the arrival of a certain Special One.

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Shaun Botterill

Happy Friday, Spursland! Woo Hoo! It's the weekend people. It's going to be sunny and warm (maybe, I'm not checking the weather for all the places I know people who read this live, but I am taking an educated guess) wherever you are and we are off to play a team that sure sounds like it's where the members at Bushwood keep their yachts. Could there be a more perfect set up? i think not. A little sun and a Spurs match of importance. Stay safe people.

And now the "news"

AVB Dismisses Bale Transfer Rumors-Sky Sports

Well, as long as he has "assurances" from the club. Come on AVB watch Game Of Thrones! You can't trust anyone when they tell you they have you back. If you do, then a teenager has your head cut off.

Mourinho Return Would Be Spectacular Says AVB-Telegraph

Oh man. The apartment these two are going to share is going to be epic. They are going to have the coolest bunk beds Ikea has in stock and only the coolest footie pajamas. Dinner every night will be sundaes and breakfast will ALWAYS be Coco Puffs.

Barca, Bayern And The Slow Death Of Tiki-Taka-SB Nation Soccer

Passing is like cooking with butter, it makes things better, to a point. After that, it accomplishes nothing except diabetes

The Apology Of Suarez-SB Nation Soccer

Excuse me while I pause to pick my jaw up off the floor....OK Luis, you need to fire whoever your PR people are. They have failed you. This blog was extremely ill-advised. You come off as completely out of touch with reality, however, you do also come off as someone who is profoundly human. That last part is not a bad thing and it is clear that you love your manager and your club, but let me give you some free advice: shut the hell up and stop giving this story a longer shelf life.

Beer Of The Series: Houston-Bless You Boys

Look something awesome about beer! And it was written by one of our own! And he wrote a bunch of them! Beer! Ok that's All I'll say about beer, because of all the conversation about a "cool kids club" AKA GAG the last fews\ days it is clear that when it comes to beer the more I say the less cool I appear. Oh look! A sixer of Rolling Rock.