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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links May 30, 2013

In this morning's Tottenham Hotspure new round-up, we've got comments from Madrid's President, Sandro and Gomes doing things, and Luis Suarez making people angry.

Ian Walton

Happy Thursday, Spursland! And happy birthday to one of our favorite providers of shirtless Greeks as on this day in AEK Athens F.C was founded to mark the anniversary of the fall of Constantinople to the Turks. It has been 89 years of lighting flares and having a terrible economy and we wish you 89 more.

And now the "news"

Bale Linked With £80 Million Move To Like Everyone Basically-Mirror

I must say, really? Madrid's move is 60 million? And Chelsea, City, United, and PSG are just desperate to offer us 80 million? My answer to that is, sure. go ahead I'll take 80 million for Bale. can you sin the papers this fucking second before you realize how much you are over paying? Here use this elaborate fountain pen I stole off Kevin McCauley's desk. This is dumb, it isn't true. But thanks for giving me something to mock during the summer months.

Perez Says Bale Was Born To Play For Madrid-Goal

Oh you silly goose Perez. Bale wasn't born to play for Madrid, he's Welsh! He was born to be subjugated by the English like every other Welshmen since Edward the Longshanks.

Sandro Goes "UFC" On Gomes-Here In The City

I don't think this person knows what "UFC" stands for let alone what it actually is.

Suarez Can't Stop Pissing People Off-Liverpool Offside

Dude you ain't moving up after all your horse-assery. At best you can move laterally.

Real Madrid Fan's Point Of View On Bale Rumors-Managing Madrid

I take back what I said above. Bale can never ever leave, I won't let him. he can't go to people like this. I got the douche chills from this. Although I have to say that this is indubitably how Norwich fans view us. As jaded wind bags who can't appreciate anything. Which is true.

IOC Recommends Wrestling And Two Other Sports For Inclusion in 2020 Games-MMA Fighting

Only one sports gets included as a "core sport" but this is the first hurdle cleared. It should be noted so that you know how ridiculous the International Olympic Committee is, they based a significant part of their decision on how many twitter followers each sport's governing body had. Really.