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Friday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for May 31, 2013

Daily Tottenham Hotspur links, today on bad managers, Clint Dempsey, Younes Belhanda and the worst run team in sports.

Matt Sullivan

Happy Friday Spursland! And it's ON! The big time transfer windows are open. Germany, Italy France, Spain and one other one nobody cares about open today. The Premier League has been open since the season ended. It is about to get crazy up in this hizouse. That's my new funny bit ironically using slang terms that haven't been cool in 15 years. Statistically speaking I just informed several people in their late 30s that they have been appearing as uncool for several years. It was for the greater good fellas.

And now the "news"

Belhanda Looks To Move-Sky Sports

Nothing we haven't been linked with before. Move along, nothing to see here.

Dempsey Rubbishes Talk Of His

Answers that question. Is it me or has this silly season seemed strangely a bit too orderly?

Mark Hughes Hired As Stoke Manager-SB Nation Soccer

This is a never ending cycle of awful isn't it. This hire is the human centipede of hires. I am sorry for you Stoke fans.

Chivas USA Is A Flaming Dumpster Fire-SB Nation Soccer

There is so much dumb crap associated with this team that this article didn't even have room to touch on the lawsuit filed by two former Chivas coaches for discrimination. This also isn't the first time we have heard rumors of this after many of Chivas' strange and baffling transfer moves during preseason it was rumored that the unofficial club policy was geared towards an all Mexican if not all Latino team. So its really a big pile of embarrassment for a league that doesn't need any more embarrassment, it already has DC United.

Belgium Have A Lot More Good Players Than The USA-Stars And Stripes FC

Well ain't that the truth.

A Comprehensive List Of Sensible Things Iowa Could Buy Instead Of Paying Kirk Ferentz-SB Nation

One thing not on that list..."The".