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Arsenal-QPR Kentucky Derby or Whatever Open Thread

So, Spurs won. Can Harry do us a solid one last time?

Shaun Botterill

Well, that was... exhilarating! Spurs got the three points they needed to stay in contention for the top four. Now comes Arsenal-QPR. There's also some nags running around a track later today as well, I hear. And Good Ol' Uncle Menno is going to be whipping up some celebratory mint juleps, I can tell you that! (My money's on Charming Kitten because the Internet.)

Use this thread to discuss that game, any other match, the Kentucky Derby, or whatever it is you want to talk about. Have fun, y'all. Enjoy this victory, if you can enjoy an Arsenal-esque 1-0 win where we thoroughly deserved to lose.