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Pick your team against Chelsea: Striker

Emmanuel Adebayor made a cameo appearance against Southampton and looked much better than Jermain Defoe. What do you want to see?

Clive Rose

Because Wednesday's game between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur is such an important one (and because my life has been made easier by the new office), we figured we'd do a few polls today. The central midfield and attacking midfield polls are a bit complicated, but this one and defense are straightforward. Tottenham Hotspur are going to play a true striker ahead of or alongside Gareth Bale, depending on how you see things, and they only have two of them.

Without further ado, your options.

Jermain Defoe: Independent of how he fits into the team, he's having a better season than Emmanuel Adebayor. He's certainly the better finisher of the two. He's been better at holding up the ball and distributing to his teammates this season than he has been in previous seasons. He is also 5'2" and is still not good at holding up and distributing. He was poor against Southampton.

Emmanuel Adebayor: In front of goal, he's having a crap season. He's had trouble staying fit. He missed the Wigan game, then made a substitute appearance against Southampton. Andre Villas-Boas will probably have more information on his fitness this afternoon, but we have no reason to believe that he is not currently fit. He was certainly better than Defoe after he came on against Southampton. He's a better fit for the system than Defoe, but, once again, he's generally been crap in front of goal.

I know the options suck, but these guys both put in great games occasionally and we have to use one of them. Vote and discuss. Attacking midfield and defense coming later.