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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links May 9, 2013

A look at the fallout from the Chelsea match, Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement, and why Bill Kenwright is dumb.

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Shaun Botterill

Happy Thursday Spursland! Others will analyze the tactics and what the long term repercussions of yesterday were for Tottenham. I am not that guy, but what I would like to share with you is what happened to me just 5 minutes after the final whistle blew.

American Spurs fans might be a bit different than the home grown variety. Like an endangered Snow leopard trying to find a mate in the wild, finding other spurs fans off the internet is practically impossible. In my life I have met 2, both commentariat members. So living in a land where many people still use derogatory language to describe you simply for liking soccer, and more than that, when around other fans inevitably sounded by Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea fan it leads to rather lonely fandom. It certainly would explain why the Americans especially cling to the community here. But yesterday a conversion was made, someone went from casual passing interest into full blown fan.

My father has been casually following the team since that first Christmas when I asked for a Spurs kit. He thought it was fascinating how a kid like me from a tiny meth fueled country ass town in Maryland ended up with this unexplainable love for a team from 5,000 and another country away. He being the man that he is has been unable to make fun of me for this, in that good natured way that former class clowns who end up as fathers tend to. He has made a habit of waiting for the North London derby to hit halftime then text me "Go Aresenal!". The loveable a-hole guy you know. Well it's been a poorly kept secret that all along he has been taking in the big games, slowly falling in love with Gareth Bale, he had a weird love of Harry. Years and years of this, until today when he asked me who he should cheer for, Spurs or Chelsea. What a dick right? Well Today I decided to humor him with a real answer. I described the two owners for him. I described Roman as well, Roman,and described Joe Lewis as best I could based on very minimal research as a billionaire that lives on a yacht with a variety of digitally remastered women in bikinis. It was just my best guess. My father made the right choice. And he finally caught that hook each and every one of the Americans fans have felt during whatever was "that game" for you. Today was the day, it's over for him, he is now one of us. At the age of 51, a new Spurs fan was born. Welcome to the dysfunctional cult dad. Misery is addictive.

And now the "news"

Adebayor Inspires Tottenham Draw-The Guardian

You know that's right. The guy we saw yesterday was the guy deserves the kind of money Ade actually gets paid. If we had that guy all season NO WAY are we even talking about 5th place. He played great for once this season and we aren't still alive for fourth without him. That said if just one person claims that he deserves to paid what he is paid or that he is worth some incredible amount Indeed you to know that you are dumb.

Gareth Bale Has Rare Night Off Against Chelsea- Telegraph

He may have started on the left but that didn't last long, I don't think he got the ball played to him from the center or the back in a way that allowed him to be effective there. So of course in line with recent happenings he moved to the center. The era of "Gareth Bale world's greatest pure winger" is over. And so I present the first in my new line of high concept books, the way premature biography. Bale will be my first subject and it will be titled Left Back To Striker In Three Easy Steps.

Sir Alex Retires-The Busby Babe

SB Nation's Man United blog covers the retirement of unquestionably one of the greatest managers of all time.

David Moyes Inching Towards Long Awaited Old Tradford Move-Royal Blue Mersey

SB Nation's, much more depressed I'm sure, Everton blog covers David Moyes' inevitable and much deserved move up to the big job.

Rooney Linked With Sensational Chelsea Move-We Ain't Got No History

Oh go F yourself. But first do yourself a favor and get to your tattoo parlor first and get your Rooney Chelsea Legend full back tattoo.

Bill Kenwright Is Clueless-SB Nation Soccer

I have a bit of a reputation for not knowing more than the bare minimum about this sport. I am pretty sure you can't use your hands. So when I know something, me sitting here in a bathrobe writing this while sitting on a plaid couch, and someone who works at the highest level of the football administration industry doesn't it's rather bad. I'm thinking it is pretty close to Anglo-Zanziba war levels of miscalculation.