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Gonzalo Higuain announces intent to leave Real Madrid: Should Tottenham pursue him?

The Real Madrid striker isn't on the kind of ridiculous wages you might think he is, and Los Merengues won't hold out for an insane price. But is he a realistic capture?

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Following Real Madrid's final game of the season, striker Gonzalo Higuain announced his intention to leave Real Madrid. With presidential elections -- which means new spending -- and a managerial change upcoming at the club, Higuain will almost certainly be sold as he wishes.

Someone asked him about Juventus, who are almost certainly No. 1 in the running for his services right now.

Higuain's being a bit vague there because he doesn't want to kill his other options or lose his leverage in salary negotiations. Juventus is definitely the most likely destination for him, and I wouldn't be stunned to see him unveiled as a Juventus player in a couple of weeks.

He's a great player who will fit any number of leagues and systems, however. Juventus have already signed Fernando Llorente and and don't have much more spending power than Tottenham, despite having Champions League football and an obviously higher standing in world football. They're historically one of the three or four biggest clubs in the world, but Premier League TV money trumps all. The two teams can offer comparable wages.

And, of course, this means that other Premier League teams could (and probably should) be in the mix as well. If Tottenham can offer similar wages to Juventus, both Chelsea and Arsenal can offer more. Both need a center forward, though Higuain might not beat out Ba for a first choice spot at Chelsea.

Higuain is definitely a realistic target and I'll be disappointed if we don't hear grumblings of Spurs at least ringing up his agent, but I think that interest from bigger clubs probably places us down the pecking order. Llorente's presence might make him a bit weary about joining Juventus, but I have a feeling Arsenal would be his backup plan. And if he just wants to get rich, there's always Monaco.

As the meme here goes, we should be looking for "THE", not "a" striker. I think Higuain can be that guy.

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