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Scott Parker surprisingly linked to Serie A switch

Fiorentina are going to be active this summer and they need a midfielder. Enter Scott Parker?

Ian Walton

David Pizarro wants to leave Fiorentina, and Football Italia are referring to Scott Parker as the "primary target" to replace him. They cite a report from Corriere dello Sport specifically, but also led their story with "Italian newspapers", plural, in reference to the rumor.

Things this story gets right: Parker probably would be available for around €7m Euros.
Things this story does not get right: Parker as the Spurs captain.
Things I think this story gets wrong that are a matter of opinion: Parker will "fit into Vincenzo Montella's high quality midfield."

I'm not a huge fan of Parker. I think that his poor performances this year had just as much to do with Andre Villas-Boas' odd use of him as they did with his limitations, but I don't think that he's particularly great at anything other than working hard. He's not a good passer, he's lost a bit of his athleticism, he offers very little going forward and he is only a solid, not spectacular defensive player.

I find it hard to believe that Parker is actually one of Fiorentina's primary targets, but if he is, we'd be crazy to not listen to an offer in the cited €7m range. He's been a good signing for the club and works his socks off in every game, but he's taken a step backwards, shouldn't be a first-choice player for Spurs and won't be worth a significant transfer fee for much longer.

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