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Tottenham Hotspur target Fredy Guarin says he won't leave Inter Milan

Remember when Tottenham Hotspur were linked to Fredy Guarin last week? That didn't last long.

Marco Luzzani

Last week, Tottenham Hotspur were linked to Inter Milan midfielder Fredy Guarin. Tancredi Palmeri said that Spurs made contact with Inter about the possibility of a transfer, which may be true, but Guarin doesn't seem to have any interest in making a move. Gazzetta Dello Sport has quotes from Guarin, who says he has no intention of leaving Inter Milan.

"Non andrò via, io resto all'Inter. Voglio restare a Milano.

-from another interview-

"Non me ne andrò. Voglio restare all'Inter. Ho ancora molto da imparare e sono arrivato all'Inter soltanto un anno fa. L'Inter è un grande club ed una grande squadra. Sto giocando a Milano con l'intenzione di fare la storia".

For those who don't know how the Google translate machine works, Guarin says he's staying at Inter, that it's a great club, that he only arrived a year ago and that he intends on helping the club 'make history'.

Well, that's probably that. Perhaps he'll change his mind if Walter Mazzarri tells him that he has no place in the team or new ownership at Inter wants to undertake a massive squad makeover, but both of those things are highly unlikely, and the latter might result in Guarin being retained anyway.

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