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Tottenham Hotspur interested in Belgian international midfielder?

Belgian international Radja Nainggolan is set to move to a club bigger than Cagliari. Most of Serie A's big players are in the hunt, but Spurs are being linked to him too.

Claudio Villa

Tottenham Hotspur could be in the market for a new midfielder of many varieties. They could use a real Sandro backup, a true passer to be the Luka Modric replacement that we never actually bought or maybe something else entirely that we're unaware of. Cagliari midfielder Radja Nainggolan falls into that "something else entirely" category, and according to Football Italia, Spurs are interested.

With Franco Baldini set to join the Spurs front office shortly, it's likely that we're going to get linked to a lot of Serie A players. Some will be stars out of our reach and others will be duds, but some will be solid, legitimate targets like Nainggolan.

The best way to describe Nainggolan in simple terms is probably as a box-to-box midfielder. He's a strong tackler and solid passer, but his athleticism and work rate are his main attributes. Know how Andre Villas-Boas tried to use Scott Parker as a box-to-box player that pressed high up the pitch and tried to combine with more advanced players? Nainggolan is like that, except actually good at it and not a holding player weirdly miscast as a do-everything midfielder.

Nainggolan certainly isn't a necessity and isn't a clear backup for any of Spurs' current players, but it's entirely possible that Villas-Boas sees then need for an energy guy ahead of Sandro and next to a more creative midfielder like Lewis Holtby or Moussa Dembele. He's a very solid player who would be a good addition to any team, and I wouldn't be disappointed if there was some real substance to this rumor.

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