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Tottenham Hotspur apparently don't want Leandro Damiao

Is the dumbest transfer saga in recent memory coming to an end?

Julian Finney

Tottenham Hotspur have reportedly bid for Leandro Damiao multiple times and been shot down, either by the player or Internacional. This summer was supposed to be the summer where Damiao finally signed for Spurs, but the latest internets gossip seems to point to that not being the case. Paul Hirst from the press association and Greg Stobart from both think that Spurs are no longer interested in the Brazilian.

I'm so over Damiao and so over this transfer saga. If Spurs still want him, I hope they bid whatever Internacional want and get it done. If they don't still want him, I hope that they sign another striker and simply end this chase. Either is fine. Really.

I can't wait until Damiao has another average season and Internacional has to sell him for half of Spurs' highest bid. Not that I know that's going to happen. Maybe it's a coping mechanism. Whatever. I just want this to be over for good.

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