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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 13, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and Link including transfer links to Wesley Sneijder and Dominico Criscito.

The poster child for below average IQ
The poster child for below average IQ
Christof Koepsel

Happy Thursday, Spurlsland! And Oh, what a glorious Thursday it is. Today we witness the dawning of a bright and hopeful new day. No longer will we be crushed under the yoke that was our hope for a conclusion to the dumbest transfer saga in recent memory. It's over and Leandro Domino (I'm not even going to use his real name, that's how much he doesn't matter to me now) ain't coming. I look forward to him being mostly ok for Juventus or some other team that plays in a league where the fans will shout racist stuff at him. Good luck you gangly dummy. I hope some 16 year-old from the favellas comes out of nowhere and takes your spot on the national team and you have to go back to the Brasileirao with your head hung low so your parents can't see the shame in your eyes.

Moving on.

Spurs Linked With Sneijder Move-Touchline Talk

Gee we are linked in multiple transfer windows to a player who's progress has stagnated over the last few years and is really more overrated than he is great. NEVER HEARD ANYTHING LIKE THAT BEFORE.

Criscito Will Not Leave Zenit For Spurs-Sky Sports

Best thing you can say about this guy, his name isn't Leandro.

Mascherano Kicks Medic, Receives Red Card-SB Nation Soccer

I love this, what a straight shooter Javier is. He made the decision and then executed it. He didn't decide if he was or was not going to kick this guy, then drag out the decision for two years before finally letting us know the decision. MAN OF ACTION Javier Mascherano.

Messi Accused Of Tax Fraud-Barca Balugranes

Messi may have possibly avoided some taxes in an illegal way but at least he didn't finance a child labor camp deep in the heart of the amazon jungle that makes knock fiatchi merch, like someone that we used to want to hang out with might possible do.

#FLAPJACKALYPSE-Progressive Boink

You know the one person on earth that doesn't think this is the coolest idea of summer? Yeah, I thought you did.