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Paris Saint-Germain to enter bidding war for Gareth Bale

For quite some time it has seemed as though the primary destination for Gareth Bale has been Real Madrid, but now PSG are rumored to have entered the fray.

Ian Walton

Paris Saint-Germain have a lot of money and they want a lot of nice things. Apparently some of those nice things currently belong to Tottenham Hotspur. The French Champions, who are on the verge of losing the manager to Real Madrid have been linked with moves for Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas and now with star winger Gareth Bale. Sure, that story comes from the Daily Mail, but who knows what will happen.

Villas-Boas moving to PSG doesn't make much sense, especially given all the talk about how building Tottenham Hotspur is his project. Bale moving to PSG makes only slightly more sense. PSG typically, under Carlo Ancelotti anyway, play a 4-2-2-2 formation. When at full strength that formation uses Lucas Moura, Javier Pastore, Clement Chantome, and Ezequil Lavezzi in the wide roles. Moura looks to be a budding superstar and Pastore was one before moving to Paris. Bale is a clear upgrade over all those players, but is it worth it PSG to stall whatever development Pastore may have left?

The other option, of course is to complete Bale's transition to striker and play him alongside Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which would certainly help take some of the scoring onus of of the big Swede. However, if that's PSG's plan, Wayne Rooney would certainly be a cheaper option for them.

I'm sure PSG are feeling pressure to make some big splashy signings, especially with all the noise that AS Monaco are making. PSG have a very strong squad and I doubt anyone is ready to usurp their position at the top of Ligue 1, but buying Bale might be the move that assures their position for years to come.

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