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Spurs' striker target expresses desire to play in England

Roberto Soldado has made no secret of his happiness in Spain, but he has finally indicated his desire to play abroad.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Roberto Soldado is the best striker we have been linked with this summer (sorry, Mario Gomez). He's a fantastic goalscorer and his ability to create magic out of nothing coupled with his high work-rate and excellent team play make him the perfect signing for Spurs.

The only problem? The 28 year-old has said he's perfectly happy to stay in Valencia. After three years at the Spanish club, he's become a talismanic figure on one of the best side's in the country, so why leave?

But with crippling debts leading to a bank takeover of the club a few months ago, the vultures started circling. After they missed out on Champions League football at the end of the season, the rumors of Valencia selling their crown jewel have only grown. Still, like a good soldier, Bobby stayed loyal.

At last though, some encouraging words have come from the Spanish striker. Speaking on his future he said:

"I am great at Valencia and I have a contract until 2017 but I want to play in England or Germany," he said.

"My future is uncertain. Now I just want to fulfil my contract with Valencia."

His future is uncertain! He wants to play in England (shut up, Germany)! Spurs are in England! Ignore the part where he's "great at Valencia." And the bit about wanting to fulfill his contract with Valencia. Those aren't the important parts. The important parts are the parts that give us some glimmer of hope in a summer devoid of happiness and good things.

In reality, nothing has really changed here. We still don't know how serious AVB's interest is. We still don't know if Valencia need to sell their best player or if they can paper over the finances by selling lesser players. We still don't know if Levy will shell out the cash for an elite striker in the prime of his career. But we do know that at least on some level, Soldado is at least somewhat intrigued by the idea of heading abroad. At this point, I'll take it.

At least it's better than more garbage about Leandro Damiao.

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