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Gareth Bale to Manchester United, Jermain Defoe to Liverpool? Fun with gambling.


Jan Kruger

Gambling is really stupid because you're never smarter than the bookies. CFC editor Ryan Rosenblatt will tell you that he makes money off gambling, but he's a liar. A big, stupid liar. Everyone loses. That's the point.

Everyone likes to talk about odds on transfers/sackings/appointments and get up and arms about it when the lines are slashed or the betting is suspended. Some people who do this are just having a good time (me), while others think it's super serious business (most of the English press, apparently).

Some odds on Tottenham Hotspur transfers were changed today, so let's have fun with them. We don't have anything else to do because there aren't any Tottenham Hotspur players left in the Under-21 Championships or Confederations Cup. We can't even write about real football if we want to.

Gareth Bale to Manchester United - line cut from 7/1 to 5/1: This is to induce idiots into thinking that Manchester United have a legitimate chance to obtain him. They want people to put money on Manchester United so they can make a profit when he goes to Real Madrid or does not transfer. Daniel Levy is not selling Bale to United this summer. Period. End of discussion. Heck, it's possible that United becomes a direct rival to Spurs in the Moyes era.

But by all means, put money on United and make Bwin some money.

Jermain Defoe to Liverpool - Reds now favorites at 5/2 - What on earth about Brendan Rodgers' tactics and transfer policy would lead anyone to believe he's interested in Jermain Defoe? He's bought young players almost exclusively and sets his team up in a 4-3-3, slightly modified to fit Daniel Sturridge and Luiz Suarez in the same team. But it's still a 4-3-3, and Liverpool are about to sign Iago Aspas, and Fabio Borini will probably stink less next season, and just what the actual frick?

Bwin wants to you to make dumb bets so they can take your money. Bale isn't going to United and Defoe isn't going to Liverpool.


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