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Andre Villas-Boas still PSG's preferred manager: Di Marzio

Ughhhhhhhh Gianluca Di Marzio please go away, nobody likes you.

Richard Heathcote

Gianluca Di Marzio is the new king of the summer transfer window. We posted a rumor that he was responsible for circulating earlier -- that Tottenham Hotspur are interested in Paulinho. He's struck again, and at midnight CET, no less! Jeeze, get a life, Gianluca. He's claiming on his website that Paris Saint-Germain do not have any serious candidates for their managerial vacancy other than Andre Villas-Boas, and that he's their preferred candidate.

Here are his words in Italian because oh god why is this happening?

Su questa voce diventata forte in serata, però, non arrivano segnali immediati adesso dal Psg. Non c'è un allenatore in dirittura d'arrivo, Villas-Boas resta il favorito e il più probabile[.]

That says that there are no signs that PSG will pay AVB's buyout clause immediately, but that PSG do not have other candidates in mind and he is the one they want for the job.

Again: Take this with a hundred billion grains of salt. This is not necessarily reputable or bogus information. Di Marzio does appear to have decent sources at times, but he jumps early on stories. Sometimes he's the first to break a big one. Sometimes he talks about things that do not come off at all.

Just figured I'd pass along the speculation about this not being a total non-starter for PSG. I don't think Daniel Levy would ever accept less than a full buyout and I don't think AVB is interested in leaving, but there seems to be a good chance that PSG offer to write a €10m check.

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