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Paulinho's agent is in London, but no bid made yet

Bids for the Corinthinans and Brazil midfielder might be coming soon, but no one has contacted the club yet.

Kaz Photography

It's time for everyone's favorite kind of transfer rumor story: The one where a player or their agent is spotted in a certain city, leading to speculation about which team or team's is interested. This time it's Brazilian midfielder Paulinho, who claims his agent is in London.

"I am following what's happening, but there is nothing. He is there (in England) and if there is something, I am sure he will tell me."

However, Corinthians says that they have not received a bid from anyone for his services. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that Paulinho's agent has other clients. He probably also makes a good deal of money and is able to fly to London whether or not he is conducting business. He probably also has friends in London on account of being a football agent. Just a few things to keep in mind before you decide that he's definitely going to us or Chelsea or Arsenal.

Paulinho will be suiting up for Brazil tonight in the Confederations Cup, where his nation are hosts and favorites. Their game against Japan should be an excellent one, so flip it on if you have time. Lineups have not been announced yet at the time of this posting, but Paulinho is in contention to start. He plays regularly for his country and is an occasional starter.

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