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Adam Smith won't go back to the Championship

Despite QPR's interest in the Tottenham Hotspur fullback, it's Premier League or bust for Adam Smith.

Tom Dulat

Following his impressive loan spell at Millwall last season, Adam Smith doesn't seem interested in going to a Championship club again. He's open to another loan, but only to a Premier League team, which isn't surprising given how well he played in the second division last year.

"I felt like I've done all my experience. I've learnt my trade. This season, I have to play in the Premier League, whether by doing well in pre-season or get a Premier League loan."

Smith also lamented teams buying up and playing foreigners instead of giving local kids a chance, then used Spain as an example of a country that's doing it right. Even though those players are better than English players at 17, not just 21, and every club but Real Madrid and Barcelona, save for perhaps Real Sociedad, is in the toilet. But anyway!

Given the depth that Spurs have at right back, he might struggle to get into the team this year. Kyle Walker is locked in as the starting right back, while Kyle Naughton proved to be a competent backup last season. Younes Kaboul, who has played right back before, is returning from injury and would make a very good third option in case of injury to both Walker and Naughton. It's going to take a truly spectacular preseason for Smith to make the team unless Naughton is sold.

Do you guys think there's potential that Naughton could leave, or do you think Smith's heading out on another loan? Who in the Premier League could guarantee him regular first team football?

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