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Udinese reject bid for Matej Vydra from 'unnamed Premier League club'

I'm really hoping that Tottenham Hotspur were not the unnamed club.

Gareth Copley

Sorry for the consecutive Debbie Downer articles, kids, but the stuff that's coming out today is mostly stuff that I do not like. Sky Sports is reporting that Udinese has rejected an £8m bid for striker Matej Vydra from an "unnamed Premier League club". Spurs have been strongly linked to Vydra, along with Norwich, Sunderland, Chelsea, and probably someone I'm forgetting.

For those who need catching up, Vydra is a 21-year-old Czech international who spent last season on loan at Watford. He had an unbelievably brilliant first half to the season, then a poor second half. He's a pure poacher at the moment, but he has the size and skill to eventually become something more.

I'm not particularly high on Vydra and I don't think that his prospective immediate production, potential and future resale value justifies spending more than £8m on him. I'm hoping that Spurs weren't the team that made the bid, and if they were, I'm hoping that Udinese's rejection puts them off. Let a mid-table side spend £10-12m on him, then end up with a solid mid-table striker.

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