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Corinthians director expects Tottenham to bid for Paulinho

With real quotes from a real club official!

Clive Rose

Tottenham Hotspur have not yet made a bid for Corinthians and Brazil star Paulinho, but a Corinthians director anticipates that a formal bid will be made for the midfielder's services shortly. Deputy director Duílio Monteiro Alves gave a press conference on Monday and UOL Esporte had his quotes.

"(O Tottenham) é um clube que a gente sabe que tem interesse, mas nada oficial por enquanto. Aguardamos os próximos dias para falarmos de fatos concretos oficiais. Não chegaram propostas, mas a gente aguarda. É claro que vão chegar, pelas propostas não-oficiais que têm chegado de alguns clubes. A gente espera que nos próximos dias chegue alguma coisa"

We've taken the Google Translate gobbldygook and made it into English.

"(Tottenham) is a club that we know is interested, but there's been no official offer. We hope to have some facts to talk about tomorrow. No proposals have come, but we're waiting. Of course an offer will come, unofficial proposals have already come from some clubs. We expect that we'll hear something in the coming days."

Earlier on Monday, the general manager of Shakhtar Donetsk claimed that his team tried to sign Paulinho, but failed because the player has a pre-contract with Inter Milan. Obviously, that doesn't matter if a club other than Inter meets Paulinho's buyout clause and Inter is not willing to pay that much.

Got any fun #ITK from the message board and Twitter trolls, commentariat?

(h/t commenter Tottenham's hair club for men for his link to the quotes in the comments)

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