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Tuesday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for June 18, 2013

In this morning's Hoddle of Coffee we have news about Andre Villas-Boas, Isco, and Higuain.

Bryn Lennon

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! Oh man, we are rapidly moving into that part of the summer,` gang. The part where the sports journalists out there seem to have run through all the regular drugs in the newsroom and are now just huffing glue then posting whatever they hallucinate. It is either that or this is some sort of elaborate dice game to fill in the mad libs of each story. One pair of dice just has players names on it, another one has Tottenham on 4 sides and Madrid on the other 2, and then the last one determines if they fabricate a quote or just leave the report un-sourced. Welcome to summer folks.

And now the "news"

Tottenham Confident Of Keeping AVB-The Guardian

AVB to PSG? Over my dead (Mr.) Body.

Son Snubbed Spurs And Liverpool- ESPN

Oh go on, go. Be all in Germany where the only food you can get is in tub form. Joke is on you asshole, the Autobahn thing you are looking forward too, it's only unlimited speeds on like 20% of it. Sounds REALLY FUN. Enjoy getting slapped around by Bayern and Dortmund for the next eternity. OH don't you tell me to stop shouting. I AM NOT SHOUTING.

Isco To Choose Between Madrid And City-SB Nation Soccer

I hear that Madrid sent their offer via a singing telegram, it didn't go well.

Arsenal 30 Million Euro One Time Payment Bid For Higuain-Managing Madrid

Who is spreading these rumors? Could it be, the cook? Nah the cook wouldn't do that. Or would she?

Holy Big Trade Batman-SB Nation

Every time one of these big huge NBA trades happen people freak out. I on the other hand don,t because I know that the NBA is fixed, or at least strongly influenced. I do however love that third day story about how the mechanics of the trade fell into place. Who demanded what and when. How much influence did player A have power player B. In this case though I suspect that when the story comes out it will be that, they all did it.