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2013/14 Premier League fixture list released: Tottenham face bumpy start

An opening tie away at Crystal Palace kicks off a fascinating-looking sophomore season for Andre Villas-Boas as Spurs manager.

Shaun Botterill

The fixture list for the 2013-14 season was released this morning, which for fans across the Premier League means an early glimpse at the contours of the coming season for their side. For Spurs, a compelling ten-month stretch lies ahead, full of deceptively straightforward runs and banana skins and capped off by a very interesting run-in.

Tottenham will start the season away to Crystal Palace, a side whose threat at this stage is impossible to quantify- their newly promoted squad will presumably be gutted and upgraded in the off-season, while their best player from their last year in the Championship, Wilfred Zaha, will depart next month for Manchester United. There's also the ‘Ian Holloway factor' to consider, all of which should make the opening tie a fascinating spectacle.

Spurs then follow this game with a home tie against Swansea, followed by the first NLD away at the Emirates. By this point, if our early run looks anything like last season's, then Spurs fans may need some help down from the ledge- so it's a good thing our post deadline-day squad gets a pair of warm-up games vs. Norwich and Cardiff before a home game against Chelsea.

The next pair of interesting ties comes in November, when Spurs will be forced to play both of the Manchester clubs back to back. Andre Villas-Boas' side will next have to face both City and United in January, ensuring a tough start to 2014 in North London.

March looks like the next most tricky month, with away games at Stamford Bridge and Anfield and another NLD ensuring squeaky-bum time will commence right from the very start of our run-in. Our last three games are away at the Britannia against Stoke, away at Upton Park for West Ham's annual cup final, and home to Aston Villa.

There are no easy games in any season, of course, but it's hard not to think glancing at this list that we're in for another season of periods of relatively smooth sailing capped by pockets of severe turbulence. The emotional rollercoaster of Spurs fandom rolls on.

Below is Tottenham's 2013/14 fixture list in full.


17/08/2013: Crystal Palace (a)

24/08/2013: Swansea City (h)

31/08/2013: Arsenal (a)


14/09/2013: Norwich City (h)

21/09/2013: Cardiff City (a)

28/09/2013: Chelsea (h)


05/10/2013: West Ham United (h)

19/10/2013: Aston Villa (a)

26/10/2013: Hull City (h)


02/11/2013 Everton (a)

09/11/2013 Newcastle United (h)

23/11/2013 Manchester City (a)

30/11/2013 Manchester United (h)


04/12/2013: Fulham (a)

07/12/2013: Sunderland (a)

14/12/2013: Liverpool (h)

21/12/2013: Southampton (a)

26/12/2013: West Bromwich Albion (h)

28/12/2013: Stoke City (h)


01/01/2014: Manchester United (a)

11/01/2014: Crystal Palace (h)

18/01/2014: Swansea City (a)

29/01/2014: Manchester City (h)


01/02/2014: Hull City (a)

08/02/2014: Everton (h)

12/02/2014: Newcastle United (a)

22/02/2014: Norwich City (a)


01/03/2014: Cardiff City (h)

08/03/2014: Chelsea (a)

15/03/2014: Arsenal (h)

22/03/2014: Southampton (h)

29/03/2014: Liverpool (a)


05/04/2014: Sunderland (h)

12/04/2014: West Bromwich Albion (a)

19/04/2014: Fulham (h)

26/04/2014: Stoke City (a)


03/05/2014: West Ham United (a)

11/05/2014: Aston Villa (h)