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Tottenham Hotspur Youth Prospect Rankings

Starting Monday the we will be rolling out our rankings of the top 20 prospects in the Tottenham Hotspur youth system.

Mike Stobe

Update: #20 - Tomislav Gomelt

The Premier League does a lot of things well, but one of the things that they don't do well is provide extensive coverage of the youth teams. This seasons Under 21 Premier League was a step in the right direction, but finding stats for these games or even finding them on television or internet streams was often difficult. As a result, most fans are starved for information about their team's up and coming players. Our goal is to rectify that by profiling each of Tottenham Hotspur's top 20 prospects.

In order to determine who the top 20 prospects are, we each simply made a list and then assigned point values to each position. A player that was voted number one got 20 points, second got 19, and so on down the list. Around 30 players were nominated, but only 20 could make the list.

The criteria were pretty simple. The player had to be 21 or under on January 1, 2013 and they had to have not seen significant match time with Tottenham's first team. Due to these criteria, you won't see Iago Falque (too old), Steven Caulker (too many first team games), or Jake Livermore (both).

On Monday we'll unveil the number 20 player on our list and then start counting up until, finally, at the end of June, we unveil Tottenham Hotspur's number one youth prospect.

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