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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And links June 21, 2013

Friday morning news and links including a dance party with Emmanuel Adebayor and Madrid trying to take all of the things that Spurs want.

Jan Kruger

Happy Friday, Spursland! Oh sweet baby (insert deity or deities here) what a week. AVB put his foot down and was all like "come at me bro" to Madrid. Oh and nothing else happened for our team. At this point I would be satisfied if we got press releases on this years class of 9 year -olds signed to our academy.

And now the "news"

Adebayor, Cisse, Essien And Ballack Have A Dance Party-Yahoo

Way to show off fellas.

Madrid Enter Race For Paulinho-Give Me Sport

"So what were you saying about Bale not leaving?" A disinterested Florentino Perez (allegedly) said as he readied himself for the pissing contest.

Madrid Plan To Unveil Bale In July-Caught Offside

Using similar logic I plan on unveiling billion dollar acquisition of the team as well as my first signing Leandro (who will sit his ass on the bench all season just for spite). I mean saying I'm going to unveil him in the face of all logic makes that work right, that is how the magic happens.

Made In Italy: Co-ownership Deals-SB Nation Soccer

As an American who was born south of the Mason Dixon line, and has significant family ties to the Carolinas I get leery any time people talk about owning other people. It can only get worse if more than one entity "owns" a person right? Don't look now guys Sherman is marching through.

Liverpool Close In On Atsu Deal-Liverpool Offside

Oh there they go again, about to take a good/potential having player and making him crappy. What up Jordan Henderson.

College Football Rankings By Fun-SB Nation

I call shenanigans. My Ursinus College Bears are not on this list. You can't imagine how much fun it is to watch a D-III school limp to year after year of 2-9 seasons, and then see the players try to act tough at parties.

All Of Your Game 7 NBA Coverage-SB Nation

What is the over under of bottles of expensive sparkling wine (Champagne or Rose or whatever) will be popped by the winning team? I believe the Mavericks did 100 at once when they run it.

How To Make Deviled P'Salad

Yes she is crazy, crazy like a fox who cooks stuff.