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Monday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for June 24, 2013

Daily Tottenham Hotspur links, today on Paulinho, Lenny Nangis, Chelsea and Liverpool.

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Mike Hewitt

Happy Monday Spursland! Every so often the FA proposes awesome new rule. Sometimes it is requirements on numbers of native born or homegrown payers. Other times it is goal line technology. I'd like to propose a new rule: Teams can only fire their managers, directors of sport, presidents, etc. in a face-to-face, in-person meeting.

Gus Poyet found out he got the sack while on live TV on Sunday. Martin Jol once got the news mid-game. And while, in Gus' case, the team statement sounds eerily similar to every initial press release the Catholic church (it's cool, they are my guys) would issue after it uncovered a new "child issue", he still deserves to be told face-to-face and not in a leaked release handed to him on live TV. There is something to be said for the most common of courtesies.

And now the "news"

Lenny Nangis Claims Tottenham Interest-Sky Sports

Daniel Levy may have all our striker problems solved with this youngster who set Ligue 2 ablaze last year scoring... oh wait one goal in eight appearances. Nevermind!

Editor's note: This is exactly how Arsenal fans who have soured on Wenger as overarching dude in control of everything react every time Arsenal sign any player who is not an established superstar. We're turning into Gooners. Stop this nonsense. Signing prospects is not bad.

Paulinho To Keep Spurs Waiting Until After The Confederations Cup-Telegraph

What is the point of this waiting? Tell me what it is. TELL ME! is it going to distract him from this meaningless competition if he spends an hour with his agent on an off day? I think not, as in the past there have been stories about how bored players get when not training or playing. What you won't come out here and say, "Paulinho" -- that is your real name, isn't it? -- is that you are hoping to play your way to a better offer during the aforementioned meaningless competition.

That said if he signs then calpirinhas (Editor's note: Is this a thing?) are on me. Just stop keeping me waiting like Anna Forte did in 6th grade.

Chelsea Plots To Hijack Spurs Move For Brazilian-Caught Offside

And the boys from We Ain't Got No History were wondering why exactly we hate them.

Confederations Cup Semifinals Set-SB Nation Soccer

My enthusiasm for this competition is essentially the same as if the League Cup was played in the summer.

Luis Alberto Signs With Liverpool-Liverpool Offside

I present the absolutely worst song ever that was clearly written about Liverpool and this signing.

Rivers To LA "Close"-SB Nation

That's not what William Mulholland said. #aqueductjokes