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Serie A club jumping into the David Villa transfer circus?

Fiorentina might be jumping into the "battle" for David Villa that may or may not exist.

Alexandre Loureiro

Remember David Villa? He used to be really sweet at Valencia and had one good season at Barcelona but is now old and not that good. He even looked old and not that good against Tahiti a few days ago. Spurs have been linked to him all transfer window but don't really look like signing him because he wants twice what he's worth in wages. So, of course, a team with less money than Tottenham Hotspur are being linked to him.

Enter David Villa's agent, who says that Fiorentina have "an interesting project". Because there's nothing more interesting than a team who's about to sell their best player for less than €30m and build around Alberto Aquilani! Here's what Victor Onate had to say.

"I think it is excessive to say there is formal interest from Fiorentina, but we know the type of interesting project that Fiorentina have in mind .. If he does leave, we are looking for an important project that will allow him to play at a high level. England or Italy makes no difference, as long as the project is good."

As far as the rags are concerned, Spurs are still after Villa. Football Italia seems to think that Fiorentina and Spurs will be among the clubs in a "battle" for Villa. I'm standing by my opinion that he's not worth the money and that he's not a likely Spurs signing.

Oh, and a reminder: Sandro Rosell says Villa will be a Barca player next season. He'll change his mind if someone offers good money, of course, but that's still a thing.

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