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Danny Rose a Stoke City target?

I'm not really sure why this is a thing, but hey, their money isn't any less valuable than Sunderland's.

I'm not sure this isn't a picture of Danny Welbeck #jokes
I'm not sure this isn't a picture of Danny Welbeck #jokes
Ian Walton

Danny Rose had a solid season at Sunderland last year, but no one really knows what his situation at White Hart Lane is. I'm sure you can go locate an ITK that says that Andre Villas-Boas either absolutely loves or has absolutely no use for Rose, and I encourage you to try. In any event, he's being linked to a move away. The Mirror thinks the price is £6m and says that Stoke City are going to rival Sunderland for his signature.

Stoke manager Mark Hughes wants to bring in a left back and striker to reinforce the squad he has ­inherited. He is monitoring the situation of Rose, who has failed to establish himself at White Hart Lane.

I guess Rose wouldn't be a horrible depth addition, but a club like Stoke probably shouldn't be paying £6m for a guy who isn't a clear first choice player. And sorry to go all resident U.S. Soccer insane fanboy Brian Mechanick on you, but Stoke already has a better version of Danny Rose in Brek Shea. There is literally nothing that Rose does better than Shea, he just has a season of starting at left back in the Premier League under his belt.

Mark Hughes has probably never heard of or spoken to Brek Shea.

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