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Christian Benteke rumors re-emerge with Tottenham Hotspur reportedly ready to bid

This probably isn't a realistic signing, but hey, rumors about strikers are fun.

Chris Brunskill

I know that the Daily Star is pretty far down everyone's preferred list of sources to go to for transfer gossip, but we're going there today because this rumor is fun. They're reporting that Tottenham Hotspur remain interested in Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke, that they're weighing up a £20m bid, and that they're willing to let Emmanuel Adebayor go.

My favorite line:

But that doesn't include ­Jermain Defoe going in the ­opposite direction, although they would willingly part with Emmanuel Adebayor.

The most recent round of Benteke rumors had Defoe going the other way as a "make weight", inspiring this great post from Aston Villa blog 7500 to Holte.

Again, Benteke is under contract for a while and on super inexpensive wages, so Villa have literally no incentive to sell him. They're not going to be able to find a replacement that matches his production for £20m and the same wages, especially since any £20m player will demand higher wages than Benteke makes now. Benteke is doing well for Belgium, who look like making the World Cup, and his value will skyrocket if he has another great Premier League season and a good World Cup.

Villa's management would have to be outrageously unambitious and dumber than a box of rocks to sell Benteke for £20m. They've signed four young players already this summer, are on the verge of signing Antonio Luna, and have signed Andreas Weimann to a contract extension. This suggests that they are neither unambitious or stupid.

This rumor shouldn't be a thing, but somehow, we're still going to be hearing about it on September 2 because the British media doesn't understand the first thing about transfer economics.

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