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Villa-to-Tottenham deal back on?

A Spanish website claims Spurs will make a stronger push to sign the Barça superstar striker this summer.

Ronald Martinez

Tottenham Hotspur has been linked with Barcelona's David Villa for a few weeks, and the general consensus has been that it would be a massive signing for Spurs as they attempt to make a push for Champions League football next season, even as the odds of that happening has cooled somewhat in recent days. Today, however, Spanish website has suggested that Spurs may be gearing up for another serious push to land Villa ahead of next Monday's opening of the transfer window.

El Tottenham tendría muy avanzado un acuerdo con el jugador y mediante la gestión de Baldini debería ahora acordar el precio del traspaso con el Barça, que ve con buenos ojos la operación pero siempre que no salga perdiendo. de la inversión hecha por David Villa quedan por amortizar 10 millones después de los tres oprimeros años de contrato.

Plug this into Google Translate, and you get more or less the following: Tottenham and Franco Baldini have a proposal on the table that is in the advanced stages and that if completed will bring Villa to White Hart Lane for €10 million.

In a lot of ways, this makes a lot of sense. Arsenal was the other EPL club that expressed the most interest in signing Villa, but with the Gunners seemingly locking up the signing of Gonzalo Higuain, their interest in Villa has probably cooled significantly. (Interestingly, the article suggests that Arsenal made a €15m bid for Villa last January, but the move was vetoed by Tito Villanueva.) It's said that Villa prefers the EPL, and since it seems there aren't that many interested Champions League clubs that can offer Villa the playing time he wants ahead of the World Cup, this could leave an opening for Tottenham to get their man.

Fascinatingly, the report advocates the sale of Villa to Tottenham on a mostly economic basis, suggesting that some "liquidation" may be in effect this summer as the Blaugrana retools and seems to also try and justify the €10m fee by stating that a €10m bid would more or less equate to what Barca would spend on Villa over a three-year period. My Spanish is rusty and Google Translate doesn't really help much in this regard, but that's more or less what I could glean.

What do we know about A colleague of mine described them as "essentially the Barcelona equivalent of MARCA," so that should give you an indication. There are no quotes in this article, or even a "sources say..." so don't just take this article with a grain of salt, take it with an entire salt mine. There are still very compelling reasons as to why David Villa will not be wearing lilywhite in August (wageswageswages.jpg), and there's that pesky #batcountry rumor that suggests that Villa might be interested in going to Fiorentina. But golly gee-whillikers, this sure does give you something to think about, doesn't it?

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