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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 26, 2013

It's a bit slow, but we have a Q&A with blog namesake Ledley King and information on where Spurs players like to go on holiday.

Ian Walton

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! It has happened boys and girls. We are left in the ocean of sand and heat. adrift in a world where only baseball (maybe) exists in your sporting world. Sure MLS exists, cricket is around but are they really enough to measure up for the casual fan? Of course not. We have only ourselves to hold on to, to band together and support each other.

ANd now the "news"

Ledley Answers Supporters Questions Part

I don't mean to be rude but I don't think these needs to be chopped up into parts. Part 1 only answers like 3 questions. Nobody understands more the need to conserve various things to write about during the slow summer when you have to produce consistent content (thanks other writers writing everything and posting it in a timely professional manner), but lets pick up the pace people. I need to see the answer to the next softball question.

Spurs Players Name Their Favorite Holiday Destinations-Spurs Official

Predictably Gareth comes off as something less than a thinking man, Johny Vertical comes off as the sophisticated jet setter, Dempsey is a good ole boy at heart and surprisingly Dawson is a shallow shallow person. I cant possibly be reading to much into this based on a 1 minute video. That just wouldn't be ethically sound.

On The Economics Of Transfers-SB Nation Soccer

Math is hard.

Ancelotti To Madrid Official-Managing Madrid

In a shocking move that surprised everyone on the planet Madrid have hired the next big name manager who will fail to reach the end of his contract.

Cavani: "I Don't Think I am Worth 63 Million"-We Ain't Got No History

Well that's refreshing.

America Off 2013: Brek Shea Vs. Graham Zusi-Stars And Stripes FC

Idk, there is something to be said for the demographics here. i am betting more of you nap while wearing a fine fine robe than walk around with assault weapons.