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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 27, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and links with some info on the England U-20's, Gareth Bale, and Macclesfield Town.

Ian Walton

Happy Thursday, Spursland! A few days ago a man and the Discovery Channel (and from what I can tell, everyone but me) participated in one of the greatest exercises of vanity in human history. He walked across the grand canyon on a high wire with no net. I did not watch. I like my pornography to have naked people in it, not with the possibility of live broadcasted death. I did however spend a considerable amount of time wondering how someone gets worked up to begin an enterprise such as that. Starting all the way back at the beginning when he took his mother's clothes line out and strung it between two saplings in the backyard up to going, "Hey, Discovery Channel. I got an idea." I eventually came to the conclusion that this is just what you do when you are a sane person who becomes insane. It must be either this or you start a cult. That progressed to what drives people insane and then I realized that it is almost July and we HAVEN'T SINGED ONE PERSON WE NEED. No wonder this guy is walking across giant fixtures of erosion! If this lack of move making by the front office persists through july look for me to be trying to jump my bike across the Brandywine.

And now the "news"

Moyes Doesn't Have That Aura Of Invincibility Says AVB-Caught Offside

Except he didn't say that. or anything else. Where did all these tumble weeds come from.? Its like a ghost town round here.

Kane Scores For England U-20s In Draw With Chile-London 24

Hmmmm. How good is this low pressure system(get it)? You can find out what the staff thinks of him here. SYNERGY!

Why Spurs Won't Be Put Out Of Their Misery On Bale Until Deadline Day-ESPNFC

If you enjoy wasting your life, read this.

Chivas USA Supporters In Open Rebelion Against Ownership-Goat Parade

I am amazed that it has taken this long for supporters to go this far. This team has been mismanaged for years and years and this year it has only gotten worse. If you are an MLS fan,(one of the 4) I highly suggest you reach out to the Chivas gang and see how you can help. American football can only benefit from the league being better.

If You Have £20k You Can Play For Macclesfield Town-SB Nation

Excuse me while I call Vanguard to raid my IRA. YEAH, I know the tax penalties will be insane but screw you it's my money. I'll spend my retirement (who are we kidding, retirement won't be a reality for my generation of Americans) at Countryside Acres and not Millionaires Estates.

The Story Lines Of Le Tour-Podium Cafe

The oasis (don't go awaaaaayyy) of sport in the middle of the summer heat. For me this is the ultimate race and some of the ultimate sports drama.

Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder-SB Nation

So, yeah.